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NameWorld of Tanks
Initial Release Date12 August 2010
AwardsGolden Joystick Award for Multiplayer Game of the Year
Genres Shooter game, List of vehicular combat games, Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game
PlatformsPlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, Macintosh operating systems, Xbox 360
DevelopersWargaming, Wargaming Chicago-Baltimore

There is a lot of interest in action-oriented games focused on military conflict. An adrenaline rush and the opportunity to make smart judgments are provided by these games. Wargaming’s World of Tanks, a massively multi-player online shooter, is one such game.

The military vehicles of the mid-20th century are the inspiration for this game. In other words, it’s a “freemium” game, which means it’s free to play but requires a payment to unlock premium features. The player-versus-player gameplay is the most important aspect of the game.

The identical gameplay might be found on other gaming systems, including the PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One, but under a different name. It’s got a cell phone, too.

What’s the point of this game?

It’s all about war games in this one. The idea behind this game is to give players a taste of medieval combat while also including World War II events.

Wargaming unveiled this game on April 24, 2009, and it claims to be the most expensive game based on the CIS ever made.

The focus of this game is on tank-based warfare. As the tank commander, they must devise a plan to assist them win the battle. This test also evaluates a player’s ability to manage their squad.

For Xbox gold subscribers, the game is available for free. The more you play, the more experience you’ll get, and the better your tanks and gear will be. The tanks and other weaponry may be purchased if they are armed with silver. Premium WOT accounts, which provide players access to additional credits and XP through the purchase of gold, are available to players as a second kind of in-game money.


World of Tanks is a multiplayer online action game centered on the use of armored fighting vehicles. Epic tank fights based on the World War II atmosphere are available to the gamers. There are a variety of armored vehicles from throughout the world, including those from the US, Germany, and Russia. These cars are constructed in a manner that evokes a sense of time and place.

At the beginning of the game, the player assumes control of a single armored tank. On a random battlefield, the player is deposited. Vehicle movement, fire, and communication are all within the player’s control. As an added convenience, voice chat is available.

In addition, the gameplay features a system of realistic vehicle upgrades and attachments that let the player to experiment with different weapons and vehicles. In this game, any weapon may be used in combat. They may be quite beneficial if utilized with the correct combination of tanks, such as various guns.

As a tank commander in this game, the player must rely on their teammates for success. Players must make smart selections while keeping their teammates close at hand. ” If everyone on the team is doing well, the team has a better chance of winning. On the battlefield, each of them plays a specific duty.

Specific aspects that make this game appealing to gamers that like a war-themed experience include the following: Features

Contents that draw the eye

Several new battlegrounds and a big number of tanks have been included in the latest editions of the game. In addition to this, a slew of additional materials serve as the game’s nucleus. Because it is set in a time when fighting was commonplace, the game’s reflecting visuals keep players on their seats for lengthy periods. There are countless more topics that have a strong appeal.

There are a variety of modes to choose from in these multiplayer online games, including the famous 15-on-15 battles. Artillery duels and clashes on the front lines are other popular kinds of combat. In these modes, the player is able to express himself in a unique way.

Upgrades to the tank

The game’s core revolves around the ability to customize your tank’s abilities. All-around efficacy is boosted by a class-apart experience provided by this product. Tanks can be found in different regions, nations, and sizes, depending on a variety of factors. Light, medium, and heavy tank types are all available for you to pick from. Lethal tanks may be added to these tanks using an upgrade kit.

A wide range of settings

The developers’ best way to increasing player engagement is to build a visually appealing environment. Battlefields of epic scale and breadth hold players in the greatest conceivable ways. Mountain and rural settings, as well as urban industrial ones, all play a role in these contests. The fight flow is greatly influenced by the placement of hills, choke spots, cover, structures, and a plethora of other objects on the maps.

The variety of combat available in the game keeps it fresh and exciting. It is possible for the user to participate in six sorts of combat, ranging from team training to tank-company to random and even remarkable. Two additional choices for combat were available, but they were removed for lack of use. It is possible for players to form platoons of two or three to fight in random conflicts. To receive their prizes, they must accomplish the objectives.

WOT is a game that appeals to individuals who enjoy playing games focused on combat. It has a ton of stuff to keep the user interested for as long as possible. Combat is a key component of the game, and it’s one of the greatest parts. Aside from that, the most current enhancements and graphical improvements elevate the whole experience to a whole new level of originality. It’s a lot of fun for gamers to make progress while also getting access to various slow-moving vehicles. The greatest excitement of strategic combat may be found in this game. The players are awarded with various extra enhancements for each combat they win. If you’re a fan of action games, then this is the perfect choice for you.

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World of Tanks – Minimum System Requirement

  • CPU: Info
  • CPU SPEED: 2 or more physical cores supporting SSE2 technology.
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • OS: Windows 7/8/10
  • VIDEO CARD: NVIDIA GeForce 8600, ATI Radeon HD 4550
  • CPU: Intel Core i5 (Desktop)
  • CPU SPEED: Info
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • OS: Windows 7/8/10 64 bit
  • VIDEO CARD: GeForce GTX 660 (2 GB) / Radeon HD 7850 (2 GB)


Yes, WOT is equipped with a map that helps you in warfare effectively.

This game provides a realistic feel of strategic warfare, which is excellent.

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